Using The Violet Flame Magic

The Violet Flame energy is one of the most versatile & high frequency energies I’ve come across. It’s also an intelligent conscious energy. It can be used for clearing, healing, & transmutation which is what it’s best known for. Also it’s a great energy to use for both complete beginners & advanced energy workers. I really think of all types of energy work and the healing as magic. It’s just been much more fun for me to think of it like that and also helps me visualize and feel the energies.

Ascended Master Saint Germain is the keeper of the Violet Flame. When you first start using it, it would be good to call him to assist you with it. You can do this by simply saying his name in your head and asking him to come in and assist you with using it. Just put intention that he will be there and he will be, regardless whether or not you are at a point in your journey you can see, hear, or feel his presence.

Here are some ways to use the Violet Flame Energy:

1.) Invocations & Decrees

When you first start using the violet flame you may want to use an invocation to help you (as well as call in St. Germain). An invocation is a phrase that can be used like invoking a magic spell hehe. The most popular one for the violet flame is: “I am a being of Violet Fire, I am the purity God desires.”

You can do research online and search for “violet flame invocations” & “violet flame decrees” and there are a lot that people have come up with that they use.

You can also make your own! Come up with your own phrase to invoke the violet flame. I thought this was fun when I first started using it because it was like I was creating a magic spell & using magic.

2.) Self Healing & Healing Others With the Violet Flame

The violet flame is one of the best energies to use for self healing & transmutation. One of the ways you can do this is imagine a pillar of the violet fire big and all around you. Put your intentions on it healing & transmuting the energies of lower frequency to a higher frequency energy. Whenever I transmute with the violet flame I visualize the energy turning into a light pink energy that represents universal love & compassion energy. I also will sometimes visualize it turn into white or gold energy. How you do that and what you see is completely up to you.

I also meditate and imagine that every cell of my being is covered with the violet fire and to have it heal and transmute me on all levels & all timelines.

You can direct it to more specific areas as well. You could heal your chakras with the violet flame. If you are struggling with emotional healing and are going through something, you can direct the violet flame to that to help heal and transmute the negative emotion. You can send the violet fire back to a past life to heal, relationship karma, & wherever else you may need it to go. You would just put the intention that it goes there and heals and transmutes that for you.

The violet flame is also great for healing other people. You can send it to their heart area, chakras, aura, & where ever they need it. There are plenty of healers that specialize in violet flame healing and that’s one of the only energies they use. Unlike with other healing modalities where things will become outdated, I don’t see the violet flame becoming outdated. Saint Germain will upgrade it whenever that is needed so that it remains a great energy for healing all around.

You can also use the violet fire on your animal friends & in nature too :)

3.) Clearing & Transmutation

Although I have used the violet flame for clearing energies and do think of it like that sometimes, it’s much better to use it for transmutation, as that’s what it’s best known for. When clearing energies I see that as more moving the energies but with transmutation you are taking those energies and turning them into high frequency love & light energies. It ends up being more powerful and more helpful to the planet at this time. Imagine if hundreds of millions of people were going around transmuting all the energy within and around them with the violet flame!

Uses for the Violet Flame for transmuting energy:

  • As I mentioned above you can use this for self healing and healing others, so not only do you heal, but you also transmute the energy and turn it from negative to positive.

  • Using this in your house, work, stores you go to, etc. Imagine the entire room or even property is filled with the violet fire and put your intention on raising the frequency of the energy there and transmuting it to love. You can do this at your place of work too, do it every day for a while and see if you notice any improvements in the energy there or if you notice an improvement in people’s attitudes there. Although I’m more on the advanced side, I still ask Saint Germain to come in and help whenever I do a bigger space.

  • The other thing you can do instead of visualizing it throughout the whole space, is to create a waterfall of violet flame transmutation energy at the entrance ways / doorways into a place. That way whenever someone walks in and out they go through that waterfall. I do this a lot at the grocery store and other places I go to. I don’t even really close my eyes I just imagine the waterfall being there and put it there with intention while I’m walking in and out of the place.

  • When you start keeping your awareness up and become more sensitive to energy, you will notice when you go into a place and the energy is bad. I noticed this recently at a place I got my haircut. I felt the negative energy in there right when I sat down. So I worked on cleaning up the energy in there and it felt a lot better when I left. I even noticed the person that cut my hair smiling when I checked out and she looked very unhappy when I got there.

  • You can imagine your entire being being violet fire when you walking around in places and all the energy you come into contact with just gets transmuted to higher frequency energy

  • You can imagine violet fire all around your vehicle when you drive somewhere and you transmute all the energy wherever you are driving around.

  • Unblocking energy with your company or business. I remember just within the last couple of months one of the companies I work for, I took the violet flame and sent it through to transmute and unblock any energies that were stuck. So with just intention I would sent the flame to the social media pages, app, to the owner, myself, and kind of saw it as a blocked channel of water that became unblocked and started flowing better. I think within the next couple of days we started getting sponsors again when we hadn’t been able to get any for a while.

  • Unblocking or transmuting energy between you and someone else. Maybe you got in a fight with a family member or argument with someone. You can send the violet flame to transmute the energy for the highest good.

  • ONLINE - you can even clear and transmute the energies online! You can post a picture of the violet flame energy into fb groups or on comment threads and say you are transmuting the energy here with the violet fire.You can have a picture of the violet flame somewhere on your website too or on your business stuff online to help transmute any negative energies that come there. That way you attract clients that are good fits for you and keep the energy higher vibration throughout your business. I have posted a pic of the violet fire before on really negative threads and I have found it actually stopped people from further commenting & creating more negative energy. It really was magical haha. You can also do it without posting the picture and just send the violet flame energy to a negative thread and ask that the energy be transmuted. Doing this a lot in groups can help maintain that the energy in the group stays positive and high frequency. Especially if a lot of people are sharing more negative experiences in their journey and rough times they are having. It’s great they are sharing, healing, and we should all support each other as much as possible for that, but it can make a huge difference in the energy in that group if a couple people clean the energy up and transmute it from time to time. That way that energy doesn’t just sit there and build up throughout time for the groups posts.

4.) I AM decrees & Violet Flame to Raise Your Frequency

You can also use the I AM statements with the violet flame to raise your frequency. Using the violet flame is one of the easiest ways to increase your frequency and it works really well with the statements too.

Some I do are the:












You can use whatever ones you want and make your own up. You may need to regain your independence and use “I AM INDEPENDENT, I AM POWERFUL, I AM FREE” one day where another day maybe you are working through something sad and use “I AM JOY, I AM HAPPY, I AM MAGICAL” or whatever. You can play around with it and use whatever you want. Sometimes I would go through the ones I did then switch to “WE ARE” and I would start with “WE ARE ALL ONE, then do the “WE ARE LOVE, WE ARE LIGHT, ETC” and I found that helped me feel & understand the oneness again.

5.) Visualizing & Having Fun With It

I have messed around with the violet fire a lot. It was the first energy I was recommended to start using regularly when was getting more involved in my spiritual journey. I ended up visualizing big violet flame wings off of my back that transmuted energy where I went. I just played around with it a lot.

You don’t have to use a pillar of it, you don’t have to use certain shapes, you can get creative with it and come up with your own ways to use it. Try to see how it works for you!

There’s also some versions of it where it’s a Silver Violet Flame & Silver & Gold Violet Flame. After you get the regular flame down you can look those ones up and see if you want to try those out!

Feel free to share your experiences or ask questions about the violet flame in the comments!

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Violet Fire

St Germain

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