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"Hi! You cleared a cord attached to my foot back in 2018, and I wanted to reach back out to you and thank you so so much for it. Ever since, health issues that had caused pain in that foot and leg are entirely gone, and I am completely healthy again. I appreciate what you did so incredibly much, and I can say without a doubt that it changed my life 💜" - Alexandria

"I had a healing session with  Meashenu just before a few days I had very bad viral infection. Although I was cured of the session but there was such a sharp pain in my stomach that I was taking rest for whole day. I was struggling with this pain for nearly 2 or 3 months and I left all the hope that this pain can ever go. As I had that session Meashenu did healing work on all of my chakra and there was an entity in my stomach area. Strangely after the session I was feeling much better which I have not felt in months. My Chakras were cleared and I could see the difference in my working. My ex was entering my telepathic field and Meashenu told me how to stop it. I am so thankful to Meashenu I cannot put it in words." - Vandana

"Meashenu has done one healing session for me personally (although I have also used him on several occasions to work with my cats). His work at clearing out my chakras just as I was moving into a new meditation platform was extremely useful in allowing the Light to move through. I continued to use methods based on his report of the session for some time, and feel they have helped me further in my Ascension journey. Whenever I or my companion animals need energetic help/healing, Meashenu is the first person that comes to mind. Thanks, Meashenu, and best wishes on your own journey!" (Patricia M.)


“Amazing healing session! Meashenu was polite and kind before/after the appointment. He was also very thorough with the explanation of what occurred during the session. I could physically feel the energy in around me changing. I was in a completely relaxed state of being, which I hadn't been able to be in for a while until this healing. In the days after, I felt lighter and more receptive. Great overall experience!” - Rosa G. 


“I had a 30 minute healing session with Meashenu a few weeks ago. There is no doubt my spirit guides chose Meashenu to help aid with my ascension and healing. It was divinely timed to help erase my old programming which is essential to my path and mission. I immediately felt the chakra alignment and my throat chakra was unblocked. I was able to release purging and overall felt great! He also helped me with any questions I had after the healing to further helped me understand the process. He recommended a book to help with my anxiety due to my past strong awakening. I highly recommend this sweet soul. Blessings Meashenu!” - Heidi G. 


“I had a healing session with him and it is amazingly working on me. I had fear issue which has gone now and have left me with lots of power and strength. My meditation have become blissful. He did my chakra cleaning and healing and since then I am able to receive lot of energy through my heart chakra. So he is just Great! I requested for 30 min healing but he spent more than that on me also he took initiative to match my time as we live in different hemisphere. So very very nice experience. Also the best part of him is that he has abundance of knowledge and shares happily. So my experience is beautiful with him.” Rachitra N. 


“I had a very effective and powerful Energy Healing session with Matt. If you are looking for a healing session that is of high frequency energy and to connect you to your Source, you should definitely book one with this guy. The moment the transmission started I was vibrating so high and taken into a deep sleep. Even now more than 1 hour later I can still feel the love and peace that I felt during the session. I also felt angelic presence at one point and my heart was filled with much love and I could feel it spread through my whole body.” – Peace Walker


“Meashenu is an amazing energy healer! Right after my very first session I began to feel lighter and more at peace! I have experienced slight rapid vibrations in my Solar Plexus chakra the days following my session, which are confirmation of his healing abilities! I highly recommend Meashenu Light Healing and will definately be working with him in the future!” - Deyana S.


“I had a beautiful healing experience! First time experiencing long distance healing- let me tell you Matt is a beautiful healer! Recommend him 1000%” – Faith B.


“I had an amazing distant healing experience with Meashenu! I’ve been working on healing trauma from early childhood. During our session together memories I had blocked out were suddenly free. It was as if I had the chance to embrace my inner child and make peace with my past. I felt very relaxed and invigorated during and after the session. I could feel my root chakra buzzing with energy which is fantastic since I have been sick for a while. The session was a truly a transcending and transformation session for me. I am blessed to recommend his services.” – Nicole D.


“Let me tell you… Matt is the real deal. Maybe I got lucky, or maybe we just vibe on a soul level. I did an energy session, not knowing what to expect. Here is what did happen, a physical actual sensation on my face, like a strong wind rocking it side to side. Over the next week, I received peace among the very strong emotional purge I was/am going through. Instead of fighting against it, I just let it be. And I opened myself up so much more than I thought was possible. I really did discover things about myself I did’t even fathom I had in me. Anyway, Matt honestly, is just so real, and sort of like a cosmic bowl of awesomeness. Thank you Matt” – Schuyler R.


“My experience with Meashenu was wonderful. He was very nice, punctual and communicated well before and after the session. At the beginning of the treatment, I felt some swirls of energy throughout my body that relaxed me so much, I fell asleep. The treatment was in the morning, but that night I slept really well and my muscle soreness in my neck that I’d been experiencing for a week was minimal. I would really recommend Meashenu as a trustworthy Energy Healer.” – Liliana M.


“Matt was very professional and warm. After my first session with him I very much looked forward to the second one. I feel that they have both contributed to my health and well-being. He is a genuinely warm person who cares about you. When I was in a bad place he went out of his way to do a session with me that same day. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in experiencing distance healing and I intend to seek his help in the future when I am needing a little extra help.” – Katie T.


I had an energy healing with Meashenu and it was gentle and warm but also very powerful. I was walking on sunshine for days after. Very professional and friendly. Looking forward to the next session! – Angie H.

“Matthew is an awesome, kind and generous healer. His methods are very effective and I got release very quickly. I will definitely be back for more sessions! Great customer service and fast response and awesome customer service!! Price is low for the top knotch service received!” – Donna M.

"Good day Meashenu!! I finished your healing meditation system and the wealth of knowledge I have gained is invaluable!! I completely recommend they all be used in conjunction together but so many more people could benefit from one more than.another!! Together all five of these along with my Higher Self and team of guides reorganized and created a more appropriate and healing heart space. I am so honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to learn these techniques and apply them already to make major growth in my life!" - Stacey N.